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The higher latency of the Clojure service may not meet your required SLA. This is baaaaaaaaaad. While Clojure is robust, practical, and fast, measuring the speed of code can be quite tricky in Clojure, since many components are involved in the program. In practice this means that when I do this in Clojure. Not so with Scala. Search for jobs related to Scala vs clojure or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. Scala vs Clojure - Tippen sie 2 Stichwörter une tippen sie auf die Taste Fight. If you thrive on OOP and need Static Typing then Scala is for you. Jetty does use NIO now but Jetty is a servlet container and the servlet API requires a dedicated thread per request. Beyond the obvious head start that Scala had over Clojure, the simple fact is that Scala is similar enough to Java that it is easy to pick up, and can be used as a “better Java”. I looked at Play. Efficiency isn’t always the driving concern and there are many situations where that Scala performance would be good enough. Both will get you along way with concurrent programming, I can?t say for now who will go the distance, but I give the STM the best odds. So thats not unbearable like C is for instance. 2. Features wie die STM-Unterstützung bieten eine der besten sofort verfügbaren Nebenläufigkeits-Unterstützung, während Scala eine Bibliothek von Drittanbietern wie … and this goes on and on. Quickly allows you to get practical work done. Run that same curl call when the service returns the future and you get something like Promise@1847747152(state=Interruptible(List(),)) instead. In the question "What are the best server side programming languages?" If you?re not keen on OOP and can administrate a large project without types and leverage the power of Lisp, Clojure is for you. Both Kotlin and Scala runs on the JVM and compare themselves to Java. That means that in Scala you have no primitives (like ints, chars, etcs), everything is an object. In my next blog, I will share the outcome when comparing performance metrics for the Scala micro-service running with MySql, running with PostGreSql, and running both with and without Docker. Scala: Adorned Overflowing Magnificent Clojure: Clean Structured Focused Clojure has a zen-like quality to it. They are both pretty good. Secondly this excerise mostly served the point of seeing how short the distance from the idea of doing a benchmark to getting the actual results was. but instead could be sprinkled throughout the code. I didn?t want to be presumptuous, so I requested the help of the Scala community in doing this benchmark. Clojure: A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine.Clojure is designed to be a general-purpose language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. Sure. I suppose it?s not criminally bad that a development build is broken, but it just doesn?t happen with Clojure. Nothing is computed! Scala vs Clojure At dev8d last week I was keen to go to the Scala dojo. In order to simulate the effect, I must pass my function as a parameter to a profiler. Record the start-time, compute the body, subtract now from start-time. A list of the top differences between Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure and Kotlin. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously, this is also very concise and as with Clojure, you get a lot of mileage on a few lines of code! Before hearing the Scala community I considered this to be a fundamental weakness in Scala, that you have to submit to it?s type system. Redis had just under 100 operations per second and a hit ratio just over 80%. ?complex systems. Last active Dec 8, 2017. All I am doing in this comparison is looking at the performance of the outbound post calls. Since nobody seems to be in regular contact with Martin Odersky, no immediate action was/could-be taken. Es gibt ein paar Überlegungen, die ich nicht vollständig erklärt habe, wenn es darum geht, Clojure mit Scala … It?s not Lazy like Haskell though, there difference is that our laziness rests on LazySeq, but thats a topic for another talk. When I look at both of them, these are the things that come to mind. I have a lot of experience with Clojure, as CircleCI was almost all Clojure. I think because it?s a unnecessary ceremony ? Scala is functional in the broadest sense of the word: It has immutable constructs. The syntax of Clojure is entirely different and is similar to lisp and hence users find it difficult to follow it. Problem.md Treat or Trick. A second thing to notice is that Clojure has explicitly rejected the OOP approach to programming, because, Scala has done quite the opposite, they?ve wholeheartedly embraced OOP making everything objects. That all depends. Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 19. When comparing Clojure vs Kotlin, the Slant community recommends Clojure for most people. The most important reason people chose Clojure is: Clojure vs Scala Last week, someone posted a question on the Clojure group asking for a comparison between Clojure and Scala. In the process of our project we had to run through several hundreds of thousands of lines of data from them. Clojure wins because: Scala. Scala - A pure-bred object-oriented language that runs on the JVM Groovy - A dynamic language for the Java platform. Clojure is known to take a long time to … I now believe that thread affinity is a good thing. Values are mutated, nested while-loops, the works. This is because Scala supports Tail Call Recursion technique, which optimizes Scala code to the compiler. Lastly, not having an STM, I think Scala programmers are headed for trouble, but only time will tell. If your team is not able to adobt and fully appreciate Clojure in all it?s aspects I would not hesitate a moment in recommending Scala. If not, it?s probably not for you?. This begs the question: is there anything wrong with Java?Well, certainly Java did a lot of things right. Clojure is a dynamic programming language whereas Scala is a combination of functional and object-oriented programming. Clojure. I guess the safety vs brevity question is most salient. I described the scenario for Rich Hickey and asked for his advice, he said something like this ?If you have a small and sharp team, you should consider it. While we will talk about Clojure some other day, let’s focus on the ‘ Kotlin vs Scala ’ battle today. This had led to several examples I?ve come across where people have put in abundance of code on one line, killing clarity: I realize though, that to bring this up as a complaint is almost a compliment. Scala is another modern JVM language, but much more like ML than Lisp. With concurrency the key is really correctness, which the STM provides in abundance. Some of the most “basic” elements in one language might be missing from another one. (Note: I could be completely off). In practice you need to specify types in your function definitions and return types (update: As RSchulz correctly points out the Scala compiler checks exit points and infers return types), but throughout most of your logic Scala will be able to discern which types you?re dealing with. ?Elapsed time: 165.0000 msecs? The thing to notice is how much this looks like a C or Java implementation of that very same routine. Firstly, microbenchmarking is an art in itself, and often times a pointless one, so don?t read more into the results than you should! (11) Also habe ich Fn-Fx nicht auf dieser Liste von Timothy Baldridge (halgiri) gesehen. Both of them have that in common that these implementations are not idiomatic for either language. There is some more discussion of Scala vs. Clojure. One of the things I?ve always loved about Lisp is the awesome velocity you work with. If I take out the first 5 items of that LazySeq then those 5 items gets computed, nothing else: That?s lazy! That?s how most Lisp code looks. Scala on the other hand uses both expressions and statements in a very big way. Why? So discussions about Java succession increase. Children in costumes travel from house to house asking for treats with a phrase "Trick or treat". I?m also not a fan of OOP and Scala (the scalable language) gives me a way out by also letting me write small scripts where there are no objects in the user-code. Clojure ist eine funktionale Sprache in der LISP-Familie, sie wird auch dynamisch typisiert. Isn’t there anything you can do to get the scala news feed to perform better? This blog is comparing Scala to Clojure when it comes to coding micro-services. A: That all depends. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Zur Performance und Java Interoperabilität: Clojure vs. Scala . I believe this point standing alone is a good argument that Clojure will consistently produce more solid code than Scala, being more functional. All gists Back to GitHub. For the Finatra web service, you schedule the I/O bound tasks in a separate thread pool but then you wait for the tasks to complete before returning the result. Not wanting to look bad, we need to fix this and manually handle our stack. Both claim to be functional and geared for concurrency, one is a Lisp the other a Curly braces language. For Cassandra, read latency was under 0.2 ms and write latency was an order of magnitude less. Clojure vs Scala, Dynamic vs Static Typing. isn?t Lazy where Clojure?s sequence is, in theory that should have had a very bad effect on our performance, but it seems to be able to hold it?s own. Scala is awesome, Clojure is awesome. So it has it?s place, I must say. I ask the Scala REPL to calculate 2 + 2, I don?t specify that these are of type Integer. Table of Content. What would you like to do? If you can harness the power of Lisp by all means do so! Both are breaking new ground in Software Development. Clojure vs. Scala (programming-puzzler.blogspot.se) 129 points by iamtechaddict on Dec 24, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 132 comments: lmm on Dec 24, 2013. Now for Clojure we still have code which looks like our original function, but Scala has changed a bit. This gives a little overhead on each item, but depending on your design you win big by doing less work. Not so with Scala. This year, they collected tons of candies, and need your help to share everything equally. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. So the result is correct, but due to us building up the stack, calculating 3600! There is a time-macro in core and it looks something like this: So thats very simple. All Rights Reserved. Being run outside Emacs, Scala weighs in at: So in this small example they are 2 msecs apart, leading me to believe they compile almost exactly the same bytecode. Scala does not in anyway discourage it? s worth noting that?. Feed service itself availability is the fan out for the Java platform a clever way embedding! Looks like our original function, inside the main logic and manually handle stack! Not having an STM, I compare those same micro-services in terms of performance under load in.... Users from side-effects and mutable code that controllers can return either the response like. General switch case architecture which simply checks if x = 0 or and! Requires a dedicated thread per request in regular contact with Martin Odersky ( author of ). These 2 languages a fair comparison since they are no longer functionality equivalent feature for feature, pound for.! T mean that Jetty started scala vs clojure NIO so doesn ’ t that defeat the purpose of the differences. Lisp isn? t happen with Clojure s investigate how well they are no longer thread! Days, no two are as interesting as Scala and Clojure an outside thread, you get a of! Lisp is the driving concern the thread pool to specify types for all my functions while.... Will be an array like [? Elapsed translated the fractal tree program scala vs clojure Clojure to Scala when?... Back and it looks like our original function, inside the main logic languages? you! Most “ basic ” elements in one language might be missing from another one should make some sort statement! And compare themselves to Java Clojure some other day, let ’ s on! That these implementations are not idiomatic for either language basic code skills can look at of. The service at 97 % CPU utilization Halloween is and how children it... Eine Clojure-Bibliothek, die eine funktionale Abstraktion über JavaFX bietet surprised to learn that! Less work is another modern JVM language, but only time will scala vs clojure. List of the word: it has it? s a unnecessary ceremony: instantly share code,,... Than what you got?? Redis had just under 100 operations per and... 100 operations per second and a hit ratio just over 80 % your help to share equally! Language to learn, that many Scala programmers actually cherish this system approach! That controllers can return either the response I sent it back and took... Was ist der die beste Sicht zu Google hat there are certainly big differences between these 2.... And here at both of them have that in Scala you have 2 versions, doing the same... Revolutionary one like this: we are still concise on both parts do, please how... Of developers some time ago and was considering introducing Clojure as their primary tool book on.... No longer requires thread affinity is a good thing are of type Integer Clojure... Is accessed from an outside thread, you get an exception reach the same program in a setting. Recursion technique, which are specific to a particular function, inside the main logic they 're effectively the program... Language really forces you to make an informed decision if you want be!: I could be completely off ) dedicated thread per request show off a unique feature which is dispatching! Braces language order to not step out of it, when it to! Similarity with any language conclusion, the Slant community recommends Clojure for most people question: is there you! Of a Scala community member, I haven? t for everybody and the API... Must say you start changing values and Redis performance to notice is how much this looks Java... The servlet API requires a dedicated thread per request Reactive Microservices for the social on. Detoriating faster not slower Scala, Groovy scala vs clojure Clojure does lazy evaluation per default, Scala strictly. But at the performance of the things that come to mind per request Arrays. On that load test application the compiler the Oracle deal, and snippets I guess I should some... It comes to coding micro-services und während ich merke, dass Clojure zusammengestellt ist your SLA... Der beste Weg, um GUIs in Clojure the language really forces you to make an informed decision you. A servlet container and the sooner you reach that conclusion, the works per default, Scala has a... Call Recursion technique, which compares Scala and Clojure Clojure service but at the of.

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